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Melior Motus

Caring for
the Caregivers

What I designed

  • Brand Identity
  • Business Document
  • Brochure/Flyer
  • Trade Show Display
  • Presentation Design
  • Product Instructions

Project Overview

Melior Motus is a Canadian medical device startup who invented a tool for proning patients, a process that normally takes about six nursing staff and 45 minutes. With the Melior Motus PronatorPlus, three nursing staff can prone a patient in 5 minutes, and with no risk of injury.

Melior Motus teamed up with Landon Cornelius to develop a brand identity that would get them noticed in the industry, while sending the message that they belong. A major consideration for the branding project was the audience of investors that they were reaching out to. The project included a full brand identity, business documents, a pitch deck, social media graphics, product logo, and more.

Melior Motus has since been funded, successfully secured the Canadian market, and has now entered the US market.
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Landon Cornelius.