Fun Facts

◾ INTJ / Type 5
◾ Proud father
◾ Autodidact
◾ Swimmer
◾ Closet Dieselpunk/Decopunk


I'm Landon Cornelius, a creative and results-driven design and marketing professional with extensive branding and marketing experience.
With a focus on branding and design, I've worked on many projects, from developing new brand identities to creating compelling designs for print, digital, advertising, and packaging.

Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams and diverse stakeholders, I effectively communicate ideas and bring innovative solutions. My proficiency in tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Figma and my experience in website design and social media management enable me to create cohesive and engaging brand experiences.

I am the founder of Flashback (formerly Cornelius Design Studio), where I work closely with clients to develop and refresh their brand identities. Additionally, as a Marketing Specialist at WBRC, I have successfully led the development of new brand identities and marketing initiatives, contributing to significant business growth.

I am committed to helping businesses thrive by crafting unique brand stories and marketing strategies that captivate their target audience. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss how we can collaborate to bring your brand vision to life.
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